Should you expand your Brick & Mortar store with an online store?

We've all heard this question more than a few times. 'My store gets TONS of visitors, but no one's buying! What’s wrong with my store?'

Truth is, there are a multitude of reasons why your store is not converting. 

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  • Customers are already connected

    Most consumers are already online, whether they're looking for news, friend updates or shopping for products. Without an online presence, you're missing the opportunity to capture those customers and practically giving them to your competitors.

    According to the Census Bureau, online shopping sales increased 15.5% from the previous year in the third quarter of 2017.

    Simply put, if you aren't online, you're falling behind!

  • It's a social experience

    Customers naturally enjoy sharing the products they LOVE. Having an online store gives them the ability to instantly share products on social media with the click of a button.

    You can even reward customers for interactions with your store with a loyalty program.

  • You're there for customers 24/7

    Your online store can enable incomparable quality of customer service. You can answer questions 24/7, encourage a purchase or direct customers to an FAQ section that may address their concerns without further contact. No need to come into your store to return items or complain about service experience.

    Eliminate the back and forth, elevate the headaches for you and your customer.

  • It's personal & convenient

    Customers really enjoy picking items, choosing options themselves. Having an online store gives them the private space to do so when and how they want.

    It can be challenging to upsell or encourage customers to make purchases the right way. Online shopping creates an experience that feels curated by the customer themselves. You can advertise items that may be appealing without seeming pushy.



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