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Here's everything you need to get started.

To Get Started

  • + First things first

    If you haven't already, get your FREE 14-day trail with Shopify going.

    It's best to have all brand assets ready to go. Brand assets can include your logo (and any specific applications), color scheme, chosen fonts and any specific icons.

    We'll also need all images, graphics and website copy, including, but not limited to; product descriptions, details and specs.

    Need help creating your brand assets and website content? Check out our 'Custom Shopify Store' services.

    We'll use this info to determine how far along your brand journey you are. Do you have a logo or identity? Do you know who your audience is? 

    We can help define your brand based on your unique needs.
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    You'll need a way for us to contact you and we'll need full access to the store. We'll get to know everything we can to begin your journey. Get excited!

  • + Staying in Touch

    Frequency of contact will depend on the kind of project we've engaged in and your availability. Typically, progress meetings are set once a week in correlation to the start and launch date.

    We'll request that you join a private task manager to stay updated and to be sure every asset, note and graphic is easily accessible and maintained. 

  • + Sending & Receiving

    For ease of use and compatibility, assets can be shared through Google Drive or Dropbox. We create private areas for every client.

  • + Payments

    Payment will be collected through our website. Because each project is so custom and unique, we typically build the service ourselves and send a personalized purchase link per client.

  • + For Launch

    It can vary from client to client, but typically we just need 2 simple things.

    1. First, we'll need you to login and add the credit card you'd like to use for the recurring Shopify subscription (if this step hasn't already been done).

    2. Next and last, we'll need your domain provider login. We can handle the rest, get excited!

Have questions?

Send us your detailed information so we can help guide you to the right service. Check out our FAQS for quick answers.