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What comes with the ‘Core Shopify Store Setup’ services?

We’ll handle the basics so you can focus on getting your brand established.

Includes everything you need to get started:
- 2 to 4 week turnaround
- Setup of homepage and global sections (includes header and footer)
- Establishment of theme settings to your brand specs
- Loading and styling brands assets (logo, graphics and/or icons)
- Integrating social feeds & contact information
- Setting up products / collections / tags (up to 12 products)
- Optimizing and branding Product Detail Page
- Setting up, optimizing and branding Blogs and Blog post pages (up to 12 posts)
- Setting up in platform Payments, Taxes & Shipping
- Basic build out of content and customer pages/sections
- Integrating Mailchimp or other email client
- Mobile Optimizations

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What comes with the ‘Custom Shopify Store’ services?

You already have a brand vision established or custom website design. You've chosen a theme or would like help choosing one to heavily customize.

Includes everything in the core setup, plus:
- 4 to 8 week turnaround
- Custom sections in up to 8 content pages that you can manage in the WYISWYG!*
- Up to 3 customized store email notifications with conditional logic

(one or more can apply to a collection, product page, blog and/or article per request)

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What comes with the ‘Shopify Store Improvements' services?

While nothing is set in stone, but the most common improvements we are asked or recommend doing are:

- Improve Homepage Design
- Improve Product Detail Page design
- Optimize Products / Collections / Tags (up to 12 Products)
- Mobile Optimizations
- Improve Usability
- Social Shopping integration
- Improve Blog and Article layouts (up to 12 posts)
- Create customized Email Notifications w/product specific messaging

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What comes with the 'Shopify Quick Tasks' services?

Reach out to us if you're looking for something outside of this list or have any questions.

Here are some commonly requested 'Quick Tasks':

- Custom Pages
- Optimized Product Detail Page
- Customized Email Notifications w/product specific messaging
Mailchimp Email Marketing support
- App Setups & Integrations
- Monthly Maintenance

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What do I need to have before we can begin working?

If you haven't already, get your FREE 14-day trail with Shopify going.

It's best to have all brand assets ready to go. Brand assets can include your logo (and any specific applications), color scheme, chosen fonts and any specific icons.

We'll also need all images, graphics and website copy, including, but not limited to; product descriptions, details and specs.

Need help creating your brand assets and website content? Check out our 'Custom Shopify Store' services.

We'll use this info to determine how far along your brand journey you are. Do you have a logo or identity? Do you know who your audience is?

We can help define your brand based on your unique needs.

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You'll need a way for us to contact you We'll get to know everything we can to begin your journey. Get excited!

Can you help me brand my store?

Yes! Choose the 'Custom Shopify Store' services. Tell us everything about your brand! We're here to give it a good-looking face.

Can you create and develop custom design?

Yes! Choose the 'Custom Shopify Store' services. Tell us everything we need to know about your business goals. We'll create a design the reflects your customer base and brand voice.

Can you help me choose a theme?

100%. Choose the 'Shopify Quick Tasks'  and Get in touch with us so we can learn about your needs. We'll have a solution! We can recommend a quality theme to support your goals.

My store is already set up, but it needs improvements and I don’t know where to start. Can you help?

Yes! Choose the 'Shopify Store Improvement' services. Tell us everything about your brand! We're here to give it the facelift into the future.

How It Works

So how does it work?

1. Contact us to choose a service. We’ll get to know all about your business goals to help to guide you to the service that's right for you.

2. Then, we'll get (or create) all assets and product specifics like logos, text, images & more.

3. If we have everything, we’ll get to work! You'll stay updated through our private task manager.

4. Once you've approved, you're ready to go! We'll make recommendations for on going services to grow your business.

Have a question or need recommendations? Ready for a quote? Contact Us »

I’m not sure what I need. Can you help me pick a service?

Absolutely. We're here to learn all about your business needs. We'll help guide you to the service that's right for you, with your budget and goals in mind.

How often can I expect to be in contact with Hydrogen during the process?

Frequency of contact will depend on the kind of project we've engaged in and your availability. Typically, progress meetings are set once a week in correlation to the start and launch date.

We'll request that you join a private task manager to stay updated and to be sure every asset, note and graphic is easily accessible and maintained. 

How long will it be before work is completed?

Great work always takes time. Based on our experience, we've created roughly estimated turnaround times per package

However, each brand and project is unique and there may be variances in those estimates. Once we get to know your needs, we'll set progress meetings and an official launch date.

Helpful Info

What are What are ‘Custom Sections’?

'Custom Sections' are the sections of the homepage that are manageable in the 'Customize Theme' editor. By default, this is limited to the homepage sections ONLY.

Hydrogen uniquely offers custom sections on content pages, product detail pages, the cart, blogs and nearly any section of your store with our 'Custom Shopify Store' services.

That's right, we create CUSTOM SECTIONS for any content page that you can MANAGE the same way you do the homepage.

What are ‘Content Pages’?

'Content Pages' are pages created that are outside of the store functionality (i.e., content pages exclude; Collections, Product Pages, Cart Pages, Homepage and all 'Customer Pages' (see next FAQ for more info on 'Customer Pages').

Examples of 'Content Pages':
- 'About' or 'Our Story' Page
- Contact Page
- FAQs Page
- Blog Posts
- Informative pages that are specific to your brand awareness and/or industry

What are ‘Customer Pages’?

'Customer Pages' are pages created that are outside of the store functionality, but are necessary and/or protective information for you and your customer. 

Examples of 'Customer Pages':
- Privacy Policy
- Terms & Conditions
- Return Policy
- Shipping Policy
- 'My Account'

What are ‘Brand Assets & Guidelines’?

'Brand Assets' are the assets that build your brand. Specifically, the logo(s), icons (if applicable) and chosen images.

Brand Guidelines establish the brand color scheme, fonts and, often, the customer base 'personas'. It Also offer suggested uses and applications for each type of asset. For example, if your logo is white, you'll need to specify which brand colors can apply behind it.

This is NOT necessary to work with us. You don't need a huge budget to create one. We're happy to create a high-level version of a brand guide for your store.

Find out more about our 'Custom Design + Development' services.

Ready to get started?

We want to be a part of your success! Send us your detailed information so we can help guide you to the service that meets your needs OR we'll build you a custom quote!

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