Feedback on my store please?

We've all heard this question more than a few times. 'My store gets TONS of visitors, but no one's buying! What’s wrong with my store?'

Truth is, there are a multitude of reasons why your store is not converting. 

Here are the most common:

  • An untrustworthy appearance

    If your storefront is lacking quality design and imagery, it will immediately turn customers away. Having a professional and minimal store design keeps the focus on the product and establishes a certain trustworthiness.

    A great design says, "Buy here, we're safe AND the best out there".

    TIP: Choose clean fonts, keep whitespace between sections of heavy imagery.

  • A complicated user experience

    Form follows function. Good design & layout support excellent usability of your store. Customers are there for one purpose, to make a purchase. Make it easy to do that! Be sure your store meets these customer-based standards:

    1. Is your navigation easy to find and even easier to use?
    2. Is your product catalog organized and can easily be browsed?
    3. Are you products collections titled broadly, but concisely?

    TIP: Keep the catalog simple. Choose a category and start with just a few products in that category. So, in a "Kitchenware" catalog, you can carry types of 'Spatulas' or 'Silverware'.

  • No User flow/support or TOO salesy.

    Your homepage is great place to guide your customer through why your brand or product is the best to solve his/hers issue(s) while prompting to purchase in the practical locations. However, throwing together a store composed of products and a homepage slider will simply NOT cut it anymore.

    To add, there is power in followup! Include customized emails after purchase so that customer feels appreciated. Don't leave the generic/default messaging, speak in your brand voice and have your message relate to their purchase.

    TIP:  While the 'Everything's on sale!' tactic can be used beneficially to 'reward' customers during special holidays or events, it should not be used as an overall sales strategy.

  • No 'About' or 'Our Story' page

    The 'About' page is an opportunity to genuinely share with your customers what YOU can do for THEM. Yes, it's where you share your inspirations and passions, but it's also an chance to connect on a rudimentary level with 'why' your customer is there in the first place.

    TIP: Let them know immediately how important it is that your product or service resolve their issue. Stay concise with your copy and exciting with your voice. Don't TLDR your readers...

Keep in sweet & simple.

Build a store that is established in appearance, easy to use and elegant in design and you're sure to improve sales. You want customers to make a purchase. In order to do that, they NEED to feel like they can trust you store with their personal information. Visitors also DON'T want to struggle to find the product they are interested in.



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