At Hydrogen, we guide you every step of the way.

To streamline the process of retrieving the information we need to get started, we provide you with this handy reference page. Feel free to refer back to it at anytime.

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Initial Setup

Everything we need to get the barebones set up and working together.

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  • Provide Hydrogen with access to your current domain provider
  • Let Hydrogen in to your current store (Shopify or otherwise)
  • Give Hydrogen permission to access your new Shopify store by adding as a collaborator

Brand Assets

We'll need everything that gives your brand a face and a name; including but not limited to:

  • Company Logo
  • Brand style guide
  • Any icons or specific graphics
  • Brand Colors
  • Fonts

Shop Content (Products / Collections)

What we'll need to get the store started! (Yay ecommerce!) Please provide a .cvs export of your products if available. Please title all product images accurately and provide them in a folder titled with the products' corresponding collection name.

  • Collection titles, descriptions and images
  • Product titles, images, descriptions, pricing, tags, SKUs, weights, variants

Store content

The stuff that helps us tell your store, beyond the sales. Hydrogen is here to help assist you obtain and/or create the following content:

  • Titles of all pages needed
  • Copy for all pages
  • Copy for headlines, subtitles, call-to-action buttons (if available/specified)
  • Lifestyle imagery (images in both landscape and portrait of key target audience members participating in relevant or everyday activities)
  • Videos

Contact & Legal

The not-so-exciting, but very, very important stuff!

  • social links
  • contact information (physical address, phone number, email(s)
  • shipping information/requirements
  • privacy policy, terms of service, return policy

Email Promotion & Apps

The fun extras; Hydrogen can help you pick and choose the right themes and platforms for your business needs. Let us know if you have any specific requests.

  • Email provider login (Mailchimp, SendGrid, etc.)
  • App needs
  • * Our Suggested apps :
    • Privy popup
    • Mailchimp
    • Free shipping bar
    • Infinite options
    • Shopify product reviews
    • Google shopping feed
    • Product upsells app (free)
    • Social feeds/shopping
    • Messenger app
    • Semantics3 Analytics

General Questions & Set Meetings

Outside of our regular scheduled meetings, there are several ways to get in touch with us. You can refer to this list below to assure your concerns are addressed in the best way possible.

  • Regularly scheduled meetings will take place within Join.Me meeting. You will be sent a new invite via email for every meeting.
  • For quick questions that don't need an immediate response or further conversation:
  • For questions and concerns that require brainstorming and conversation:
  • Otherwise, please make note of your questions so you're sure to have them handy for the next regular scheduled meeting.


We are very flexible when it comes to you providing us with files. We will work with you to retrieve them and the easiest way possible for you. We have no problem working with the platforms like:

  • Google Drive & GMail
  • Direct Email

File Types

We prefer .jpg, .png and .gif files provided at 72DPI. (At this time Shopify does not support .svg files outside of the asset directory.) Please be aware that this is a guide as Shopify themes and brand needs may vary.

  • Product Image Size :
  • Banners :
  • Heros :
  • Slideshow Images :
  • Have questions?

    Reach out to us. Check out our FAQS for quick answers.